Surprise! It's Just Pee

Surprise! It's Just Pee

Surprise! It's Just Pee
By La Manda J Davis
Published by Trilogy Christian Publishing
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Feline character Tangerine uses her special way of communication to express her true feeling, and learns just how special she really is through potty training..Surprise! It's Just Pee.

A sassy, classy, and fun-loving city feline, Tangerine-curious and lovable- is on a journey to express herself. Tangerine develops a purrculiar habit and form of communication with those she loves. While Tangerine is learning about communication, Mandy learns about patience, and Grandma Tee Tee learns to have compassion and to accept Tangerine's sassy, special form of communication.

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paperback | 32 pages | 9781647732226 | September 5, 2020